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Les Gorges de la Bourne

Several kilometres from here the road dips down into a narrow passage dominated by steep cliffs rising to heights of up to 600 meters above the rushing torrent. Stop at “La Goule Noir” – the black gullet – to admire the water gushing out of the hillside, springing from below the plateau at Autrans and Méaudre.

Les Grottes de Choranche

Just after the entrance, hidden on a cliff face, the cave is filled by a lake, fed by crystal waters of two underground rivers. The cave is decorated by thousands of extremely delicate, transparent, stalactites, clear as crystal.

Pont en Royans

Must be one of the most unusual villages in the area. It stands at the beginning of Gorges de la Bourne, which represents the only way in or out of the Vercors until the 19 th century. Out of necessity the houses were built on great wooden struts overhanging the river.

Hôtel le Marronnier
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